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Feel free to give us a call on 01981 250494 or email if there's anything you want to know about our meals, the way we cook, or our ingredients.

Are the meals delivered frozen?

Yes. The meals arrive frozen in insulated packaging, and should be transferred to the freezer on arrival. You can then cook from frozen when you wish.

Can you microwave the meals?

Most of our meals are suitable for the microwave. All meals will have their own specific cooking instructions on the sleeve.

What if I am out when my food arrives?

You do not have to be in to receive your meals. The courier will leave the box in a pre-agreed place out of the sun (the shed, behind the garage, etc). If there is no reply and no pre-agreed place has been given, the courier will "leave safe and advise" (ie, leave the box in a safe place and put a card through the door). The box will not be taken back to the depot. We guarantee that the food will be frozen on arrival. Once the food has been delivered, it is the recipient's responsibility to return the meals to the freezer as soon as possible.

Do the meals come with accompaniments?

No. While some of the meals are more "complete" (the lasagnes, cottage pie, etc), you will need to provide your own rice, potatoes, etc to accompany the stews and casseroles. We have recently added Vegetables and Potatoes options under Side Dishes.

Do you deliver outside mainland Britain?

No, nor Northern Ireland. We reserve the right to pass on a card handling fee (of 5%) for a refund to people who give a delivery address outside mainland Britain.

What do you use in your meals?

We use local meat, free-range poultry, and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

How quickly can you deliver?

We can normally deliver two days after you order - so orders placed on Monday can be delivered Wednesday, on Tuesday delivered Thurs, on Wednesday delivered Friday. Orders placed on Thursday afternoon, Friday and the weekend are normally delivered on Tuesday.

For how long are the gift vouchers valid?

Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.